Concepts of Web page design

Web page design has changed radically the last five years reflecting the philosophy of better and more transparent services to the user. Our team affronts the present challenges with a Greek-Zen approach, remenishing somehow Apple's philosoply, that "Simple is good" and "Clattered is NOT productive".

Fundamental to our approach is not only the functionality of the web structure , but also the esthetic interface between the user and the web-page.

For commercial estimates, please use the Contact form to send us a message telling us a bit about your project and how we can be in contact.

    Examples of Commercial Sites

Studioenne Communications

A virual Gallery in the beginning of the INTERNET Explosion (1996)


The web-site of the Centro de Estudos dos Dist˙rbios da AudišŃo, CEDIAU in S. Paulo , Brasil (2001 - 2006)

BLU Beverage System

These pages were built for the experimental BLU Portal uniting a consortium of Beverage dealers (2001-2002)


Pages for the first edition if the Fashion Laboratory, in Athens Greece (2003)

B & B "La Castellana":

Pages for the B & B "La Castellana" in Cimadolmo, Treviso (TV) (2007-2010) .

    Examples of Medical and Scientific layouts

Università di Ferrara, Clinica ORL

The first Audiology site in the Italian territory (1995-2001 )

Arcispedale S.Anna, Azienda Ospedaliera -Universitá di Ferrara

THe first edition of the web-site of the S. Anna University hospital, in Ferrara, Italy (1999-2001)

Otoacoustic Emissions Portal Zone

Portal dedicated exclusively to Otoacoustic Emissions and neonatal / adult hearing screening (2000 - ).

Inner Ear Biology

The web-site of the Inner Ear Biology group (2002- 2011)

Università di Ferrara, UnitÓ Operativa di Audiologia

The second edition of the Audiology Department web-site (2002 -2011)

European Thematic Network of Genetic Deafness (GENDEAF)

The site of the European Research Group GENDEAF (2002 -2005)

Telethon Center for Cell Imaging ( TCCI)

The web-site of The Italian research group Telethon-TCCI (2002 -2005)

SocietÓ Italiana di Audiologia e Foniatria (SIAF)

The first and second edition of the Italian Audiology group SIAF (2004 -2010)

Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Inflammation (ICSI)

The first edition of the Italian regional project ICSI (2005 -2008)

Laboratorio Regionale (Emilia Romagna) di innovazione in Genomica e Tecnologia

The Portal of the regional research Consortium in Emilia Romagna ERGENTECH (2006 -2008)

SPIN-OFF Aequotech SRL

The website of the Molecular Biology research group Aequotech (2006 -2010)

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